Open Learning ’18

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

I created this blog in order to participate in the Open Learning ’18 connectivist MOOC for Faculty Collaboratives. If you do not know what Open Learning ’18 is, you can find more detail at: Open Learning Hub. In a nutshell, the purpose of Open Learning ’18, is to explore and discuss all of the possibilities when it comes to openness. Well, what does THAT mean? Think about the drive for Open Access materials, Open Educational Resources, Open and Participatory Cultures; all of the ways in which ‘open’ has become a driving force in education, librarianship, and culture. Participants in this MOOC will engage in a variety of synchronous activities, as well as reflective activities, like this blog. Participants can also follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag, #openlearning18. The Open Learning course will begin on 4 February and last through 29 March. In preparation for the start of the course, I plan on reading, and perhaps writing more about what I learn in regards to openness. I’m looking forward to the conversation in 2018!